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Morbid lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
I was eight years old and morbid
Did what I was told, so morbid
Since way back then, I've hated cops
I got one in my trunk, now I'm morbid
I sleep in a coffin, morbid
What a dead body in it, more morbid
I made love to a stiff
Her butt I'm stiffin' in high, right outta this orbit

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
That look in my eyes, now that's morbid
Kidnapping with knives, so morbid
Cut her into pieces, I, that's morbid
Then I make her meat white, now that's morbid
I'm not a creature aye, I'm morbid
I can delete your life, now that's morbid
Follow him to speak for awhile, that's morbid
Hit em with the cleaver style, now that's morbid

[Hook - Dark Lotus (x2):]
My gruesome fascination become
My daily occupation
Which brings us to this situation your
(Morbid murder! Morbid murder!)

[Verse 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Every thought conceived is morbid
When I stab you, bleed that's morbid
Live by assassins creed, it's morbid
When you don't believe I'll get morbid
The stank on my breath is morbid
Dried blood on my chest, that's morbid
Only bones has left, it's morbid
I'm the angel of death, I'm morbid

[Verse 4 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I collect dead things, that's morbid
Where the bones theres rings, that's morbid
Bathe in their blood, that's morbid
Do it for the love and that's morbid
I love to kill and that's morbid
Still kill to thrill and it's morbid
Please no more pills in this morbid
Don't no what's real and it's morbid

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5 - Jamie Madrox:]
Super glued my dickhole shut, that's morbid
Razor blade open it back up, still morbid
Piss a blood in a mouth of a slut, now that's morbid
Slit her neck, direct this final cut, hella morbid
Heinous, creepy, deranged, insane, I'm morbid
Coat hanger scratching my metal plate, still morbid
Finger painting hell on a window pane, that's morbid
Play with dead bodies like I'm insane, now that's morbid

[Verse 6 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I'm addicted to pain, so morbid
Let's go get the chain, so morbid
I'm dangling again, so morbid
Lotus in black rain, so morbid
Mill more body parts, so morbid
Blood splatter is art, so morbid
Diseases starts to spread, it's morbid
Tell everyone's dead, it's morbid

[Hook x2]

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