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Death In A Jar lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
I caught death inside that jar like some invisible demon
It blew into my room, I can hear the moon screamin'
It picked me out at random, but they catch em, I planned it
It swept in through my window, I snatched it and canned it
The jar shakes on my table, it's power immense
I'm nervous just to hold it, this shit is intense
You're just a evil gust of wind, the deadly breath to exhale
I step into the jail, let this jar be your hell

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
I've caught death in a dixie cup
Tried to get me when I was fucked up
Gotta get it to a jar, anybody got a car
I can use, because I live too far to fuck
Death ain't come here lookin' to talk
Do I stop somebody in the dark stop
Somebody help me, help me somebody
Inside, in this cup is worse than them zombies
Maybe dig a hole, leave it inside, bury death alive
Bet if I don't get it, outta this red cup, quick
Everyone here's gonna die

[Hook - Violent J:]
(I caught death in a jar!)
And screwed the lid on tightly
(Death is just a breath)
But still it tried to fight me
Everytime you breathe in
Your last breath it might be
Now it's morgue on the hunt
Daily and nightly

Death is just a breath [x4]

[Bridge - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch it, you can play with it
But don't let it go
Don't poke no holes in the top
Don't drop it, don't let it go

[Verse 3 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I got death trapped like a rat without the cheese
See me play him like a game of chess and win with ease
Watch as I spread disease with a wave of the hand
The plagues that riddle man, mine to command, can't let him in
Keepin' me closed in a maze in a case of glass
Assume while I consume doomed souls, then I laugh
Can't let it shatter, if it does I'm gone soon after
Tortured by the one I've kept trapped like brain matter

[Verse 4 - Jamie Madrox:]
Caught death in a mix of blow
With a plate on top like a make shift
Then I tried movin' that shit in a coffee can
With a skull that I've painted off on the side
Then it got free and I tried to grab him
But my hands went through, like I'm choking a ghost
So I turned on the fan, and then I grabbed the bag
And then I held it wide open, it started to blow, and it blew inside
Then I quickly tied that shit in a knot like a pretzel dough
And then the bag puffed up like a big balloon
And when I looked in his eye, it looked just like fog
Circlin', gigglin' thick, black darkness
Stick that far in by midnight, push the contents of that bag into a mason jar


[Bridge 2 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch, you can play with it
But don't let it go
Don't be sharin' it, take care of it
And don't let it go

[Verse 5 - Violent J:]
I have a glass pickle jar, inside I caught the grim reaper
Woulda used the vaser? of Oz but this is cheaper
And handle em' like some reefer, then put you in a sleeper
He was tryin' to kill me, but then I caught him, he's a keeper
Sealed it up with duct tape and wrapped it in a towel
Buried it in the backyard, but still I hear it howl
It's beyond something foul, evil hear it growl
I caught one but there's many more still out there on the prowl
Breath it in while sleeping nice, pop open - you froze
Just accept it, you're dead, eye's slowly they close
But now I'm in control and kill it I must
Cause if I drop it and it bust, I'm dead in the dust!


[Bridge 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch, you can play with it
But don't let it go
And if you breath it for no reason
Don't let it go

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