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album: "The Mud, Water, Air & Blood" (2014)

Garden Of Evil lyrics - Dark Lotus

5, 4, 3, 2, 1
The Lotus has returned

[Verse 1 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Surprise! While everything dies
Lotus return again, it’s that time
Evil takes, Satan grows powerful
It can’t be stopped or held anymore
Locked in the garden of evil with no keyhole
Full blossom, in bloom was the prequel
From seed to flower, second, minute, an hour
Comets caught and devoured by the power

[Verse 2 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
In the cursed room has planted evil seeds
In the land far from removed from Adam and Eve
Fertilizing in your bed and with the serpent’s blood
Life starts to form as the rain hits mud
The only one sole purpose for this creation
Annihilation, not of evil world domination
As the sprout takes form the angels cry
It’s the man with a cross on his face and there’s Lotus in the sky

[Hook - Dark Lotus:]
Reaching up out the Earth
Plants of the Lotus give birth
Hot rain in the sky
Grown overnight, our DL’s high
La la la la la, Garden of Evil’s, alive! [x2]

[Verse 3 - Jamie Madrox:]
They say the good die young, we’ll be some old bastards, fuck it
Cause we gon' be evil till the day we kickin' the bucket
Blossom from the garden, upon it he wore
Dreams, a monster under your bed
You’re awake, you’re waiting for me
With one eye open, I’m planting and sprouting vines
That produce rotten fruits then decompose inside your mind
Overcome by growth, as we proceed to harvest people
We the cultivators of your nightmares, garden of evil!

[Verse 4 - Violent J:]
Full blossom, I grow from the garden of evil
My weeds reaching for the red moon just like my people
Emerging from the dirt, dark roots from under
We’ll bleed red blood through our leaves, shouldn’t come here
For those who witness our growth, can’t forget this
Our pollen is lethal as you breathe in the sickness
The garden that spawned us pulls back into the dirt
The five brothers of Dark Lotus are back on Earth

[Hook - Dark Lotus]

[Verse 5 - Monoxide:]
Return of the sick petals
My Lotus is solid as thick metal
Emotional spit, rebel rebellin' against devils
Who come with offense
Level your whole shit
Come but it grips, better than mince
Whether your storm hits, I never miss it or fuck with the norm
It’s Dark Lotus, perform to reborn
We got the mask on
Lookin' to turn you all into pathstones
Protect the garden by any means (Better pass on)

[Hook - Dark Lotus]

My Head Is Haunted lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Monoxide:]
Everybody's got a skeleton in their closet
But my closet happens to be inside of my head like a pocket
Behind of my eye socket, right in line with my mind
And I'm tryin' to lock it away, but it's comin' back everytime
And I can feel it gettin' stronger, hopin' I live no longer
Choking myself while I'm having visions it's all over but it's not
And I wake up everytime and I'm still haunted in my mind
Listen close you can hear it whispering (die!)

[Verse 2 - Violent J:]
If you live in a haunted house you can leave it
If you hear ghost stories choose not to believe it
My dilemma's deeper try to perceive it
My head is haunted, can you conceive it?
I'm screaming at random, shit is terrifying
Right, left outta the blue I start crying
I saw an exorcist but he quit the case
I bit off his shit and then spit it in his face

[Hook - Dark Lotus:]
Living in my mind (I'm forever haunted)
Nothing they've defined (Always I am taunted)
Will they ever let me go?
With them I've combined (miss that by the wanted, no)

[Bridge - Violent J:]
Fear creeps over me
Pupils dilate
Pale I become now
Face with wild hate
What is it?
Impairing me
Daring me to take another breath
(Come on doc you're scaring me to death!)
Let's get it over
Shit is gettin' colder
Everything I've told her
Lost in the roll up
Story getting older
Call me the coroner
Decaying, laying on the grim reaper's shoulder

[Verse 3 - Jamie Madrox:]
I close my eyes and I’m face to face with a poltergeist
Not a polar bear but my temperature, it’s cold as ice
I got a head on me, filled up with 50 entities
Summon kinetic energy, shock me with electricity
And I’m haunted just like a host
It’s entertaining a bank with up at least a 100 ghosts
All seen it just like a scene of a massacre
My head is moving
Think that they’re driving and I’m the passenger
Torture is a constant

[Verse 4 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
At least three ghosts occupy my brain
One is the saint, two are insane
They beat down the good ghost and torture is an constant
I thought it might help, moved in to a convent
Now I get nosebleeds and migrane shakes
I drink holy water, snort blessed rice cakes
Whatever it takes but it doesn’t know harm
They takeover, I’m in the corner chewing on my arm!



[Verse 5 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Is it all in my head? Taunting me, haunting me
Want to see everyone dead simultaneously
Light the match, choke the flame, fire rain is insane
Shadows inside are addicted to pain
Bang my head off the floor
Shove it in between the door
Broke my nose, it don't stop still wanting more
I'm bloody and bruised by my own apparition
This is my life, my unstable condition



Death In A Jar lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
I caught death inside that jar like some invisible demon
It blew into my room, I can hear the moon screamin'
It picked me out at random, but they catch em, I planned it
It swept in through my window, I snatched it and canned it
The jar shakes on my table, it's power immense
I'm nervous just to hold it, this shit is intense
You're just a evil gust of wind, the deadly breath to exhale
I step into the jail, let this jar be your hell

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
I've caught death in a dixie cup
Tried to get me when I was fucked up
Gotta get it to a jar, anybody got a car
I can use, because I live too far to fuck
Death ain't come here lookin' to talk
Do I stop somebody in the dark stop
Somebody help me, help me somebody
Inside, in this cup is worse than them zombies
Maybe dig a hole, leave it inside, bury death alive
Bet if I don't get it, outta this red cup, quick
Everyone here's gonna die

[Hook - Violent J:]
(I caught death in a jar!)
And screwed the lid on tightly
(Death is just a breath)
But still it tried to fight me
Everytime you breathe in
Your last breath it might be
Now it's morgue on the hunt
Daily and nightly

Death is just a breath [x4]

[Bridge - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch it, you can play with it
But don't let it go
Don't poke no holes in the top
Don't drop it, don't let it go

[Verse 3 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I got death trapped like a rat without the cheese
See me play him like a game of chess and win with ease
Watch as I spread disease with a wave of the hand
The plagues that riddle man, mine to command, can't let him in
Keepin' me closed in a maze in a case of glass
Assume while I consume doomed souls, then I laugh
Can't let it shatter, if it does I'm gone soon after
Tortured by the one I've kept trapped like brain matter

[Verse 4 - Jamie Madrox:]
Caught death in a mix of blow
With a plate on top like a make shift
Then I tried movin' that shit in a coffee can
With a skull that I've painted off on the side
Then it got free and I tried to grab him
But my hands went through, like I'm choking a ghost
So I turned on the fan, and then I grabbed the bag
And then I held it wide open, it started to blow, and it blew inside
Then I quickly tied that shit in a knot like a pretzel dough
And then the bag puffed up like a big balloon
And when I looked in his eye, it looked just like fog
Circlin', gigglin' thick, black darkness
Stick that far in by midnight, push the contents of that bag into a mason jar


[Bridge 2 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch, you can play with it
But don't let it go
Don't be sharin' it, take care of it
And don't let it go

[Verse 5 - Violent J:]
I have a glass pickle jar, inside I caught the grim reaper
Woulda used the vaser? of Oz but this is cheaper
And handle em' like some reefer, then put you in a sleeper
He was tryin' to kill me, but then I caught him, he's a keeper
Sealed it up with duct tape and wrapped it in a towel
Buried it in the backyard, but still I hear it howl
It's beyond something foul, evil hear it growl
I caught one but there's many more still out there on the prowl
Breath it in while sleeping nice, pop open - you froze
Just accept it, you're dead, eye's slowly they close
But now I'm in control and kill it I must
Cause if I drop it and it bust, I'm dead in the dust!


[Bridge 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
And if you catch, you can play with it
But don't let it go
And if you breath it for no reason
Don't let it go

Debbie In The Dark lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Hook - Dark Lotus (x2):]
Together we take turns with
Debbie in the dark
We're all concerned with
Debbie in the dark
We'll never learn with
Debbie in the dark, dark, dark, dark

[Verse 1 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Lights on
Come on, it's on once again
We turned up, Debbie in the spot, let's get it in
Teeth all black, ass is grey
Breathin' on my neck and got my dick so straight
Said she likes it rough, dance her bones off
Rotted for a while, all up in the vertical smile
Take my dick out, she wants it in her mouth
Pull out and bust all in the face and tag the homie J

[Verse 2 - Violent J:]
Thank you Blaze, I'm goin' in face first
This or poop stew, I don't know what tastes worse
She had a tattoo of the devil on her belly
Seen it with the flashlight app on my celly
Push upon it, then her pussy farted
Now she's giggling like she retarded
(Oh, get slapped)
Her neden got a turtleneck and it snaps
Hot tag to Monoxide, quit that


[Verse 3 - Monoxide:]
Keep strokin', the wall I see is the air
But I hear chokin', keep going and I don't care
And I've been hoping that it turn into somethin' that I can love
It's just a fascination so keep fuckin' her
On her rug is a cum stain
Fuck her in the head cause I love brain
Somethin' sticky, insane thing if I'm off chains
Like my condom's stuck in her pussy
And tell me it's the J's
And now I'm hearin' 2 Dope scream "get the fuck out the way"

[Verse 4 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
The funk of forty thousand years
Mixed with mildew and pork rinds, it's filling up the edge
So dark I can't see but I feel she ain't got no lips
The bitch bit me and instantly I feel sick
Now I'm pukin' blood but that ain't gonna stop me, woah
Her head done fell off, fuck it bang her neck hole
I'm goin' for mine but though instantly my meat burn ah, ahhh!
Jamie it's your turn


[Verse 5 - Jamie Madrox:]
It's so dark all I can feel is sweat and sticky flesh
It smells like shitty ass, and sex up in this painted mess
Who am I to believe that true love is a lie?
Well there's a naked witch with her legs yanked open in front of my eyes
She's moanin', she's either hurt or she's happy
She might be still finger bangin', thinkin' of Shaggy
So I did what any real pervert would do
I pull my dick out and fuck till I cum, gonna tag it off to you

Morbid lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
I was eight years old and morbid
Did what I was told, so morbid
Since way back then, I've hated cops
I got one in my trunk, now I'm morbid
I sleep in a coffin, morbid
What a dead body in it, more morbid
I made love to a stiff
Her butt I'm stiffin' in high, right outta this orbit

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
That look in my eyes, now that's morbid
Kidnapping with knives, so morbid
Cut her into pieces, I, that's morbid
Then I make her meat white, now that's morbid
I'm not a creature aye, I'm morbid
I can delete your life, now that's morbid
Follow him to speak for awhile, that's morbid
Hit em with the cleaver style, now that's morbid

[Hook - Dark Lotus (x2):]
My gruesome fascination become
My daily occupation
Which brings us to this situation your
(Morbid murder! Morbid murder!)

[Verse 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Every thought conceived is morbid
When I stab you, bleed that's morbid
Live by assassins creed, it's morbid
When you don't believe I'll get morbid
The stank on my breath is morbid
Dried blood on my chest, that's morbid
Only bones has left, it's morbid
I'm the angel of death, I'm morbid

[Verse 4 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I collect dead things, that's morbid
Where the bones theres rings, that's morbid
Bathe in their blood, that's morbid
Do it for the love and that's morbid
I love to kill and that's morbid
Still kill to thrill and it's morbid
Please no more pills in this morbid
Don't no what's real and it's morbid

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5 - Jamie Madrox:]
Super glued my dickhole shut, that's morbid
Razor blade open it back up, still morbid
Piss a blood in a mouth of a slut, now that's morbid
Slit her neck, direct this final cut, hella morbid
Heinous, creepy, deranged, insane, I'm morbid
Coat hanger scratching my metal plate, still morbid
Finger painting hell on a window pane, that's morbid
Play with dead bodies like I'm insane, now that's morbid

[Verse 6 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
I'm addicted to pain, so morbid
Let's go get the chain, so morbid
I'm dangling again, so morbid
Lotus in black rain, so morbid
Mill more body parts, so morbid
Blood splatter is art, so morbid
Diseases starts to spread, it's morbid
Tell everyone's dead, it's morbid

[Hook x2]

My Kinda Party lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Party til I black out, that's how I do
So when I wake up in the morning bloody, that's my excuse
It's like a scavenger hunt, finding all the body parts
Piece 'em all back together neatly, that's when the fun starts
I'm a motherfucking Juggalo, deep in my DNA
Raising fools from the dead P.A.R.K
With a handful of who know what straight to the dome
Fuck pennies doin' brain race from home to home
You bitches!

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
Anybody wanna get another way to make em want his head
Make em really wanna die today and find a way
To take another bite but I gotta start grinds away
Have 'em all over the house, and they never gonna figure it out
And if some-body, ever go like we, really nobody underground
I just wanna go town to town
I got nothing but murder on the mind
With a face with a frown, now everybody in this bitch get down
I ain't never, have never, will ever, not sever
My endeavors of murdering all of my party guests

[Hook x2 - Dark Lotus:]
Murder! Death! My kind of party
Fuck! You! That's how I roll
Living! Dead! My kind of army
Dark! Lotus! Out of control

[Verse 3 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Get it started with an axe to the forehead
Blood flowin' everywhere another motherfucker dead
Take his brains out, get to munchin'
Like a luncheon, fuck assumptions
I am the cannibal on the hunt
And the party ain't startin' til I'm gettin' some
Blood on my tongue, flesh in my teeth
I cut the fat off, get the beat
Another sacrifice gotta feed this appetite
Lotus party and I'mma do it right
Get your hands up for the brethren
Party startin', where you headin'?
To the plot like panties spreadin'
Rise the deady, come on buddy

[Verse 4 - Jamie Madrox:]
I'm killin' like Jason, my machetes swinging fast now
Hacked so many bodies, I'm tired I'm finna pass out
Gotta shake it off with a jumping jack
Gotta limber up quick, fast cat like reflex
Swift like a ninja disappear then I’ll reappear
Only for a second, long enough to chop necks
Dark Lotus and we're back in this bitch
Like a size 12 belt on a 50 inch waist
So tired in this motherfucker deep like uppers
With enough room just to paint our face
Five petals with the thirst for blood
And we straight from swamp and we're looking to rock shit
My kinda party with an axe in one hand
Machete in the other, box cutter in my pocket

[Hook x2]


[Verse 5 - Violent J:]
Dragonfly wings on my back Lotus sign in the sky
I sit up on a mountain sippin' rock and rye
I got sap in my blood goo and a swamp under water
Minutes after my seed hatched, learned how to slaughter
Crystal Ball shatters you'll be seek out the (Lotus)
Tale cards catch fire, we know your desire
Stare at us in disgust, your skull will combust
Ka-boom! Forever Dark Lotus!

[Hook x2]

Price Of Life lyrics - Dark Lotus

What would you like to do if money were no object? If you would say that getting money is the most important, you will spend your life doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living. That is to go on doing things you don't like doing. Which is stupid. Better to have a short at life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way

[Hook x2 - Dark Lotus:]
What if life costs money to live for
Help life with money, the price of life

[Verse 1 - Monoxide:]
Who I gotta pay cause I want my money back
My life was in the perfect glass, psycho maniac
I was having dinner he was swinging with an axe
He was just a sinner, I was dead on contact
Tally it up, I'm bout to expand on lifespan
When you off if the end quick, that's some fuckin' bullshit
What about reviews, can I pay for that
Is there a way to come back and eliminate them like that

[Verse 2 - Violent J:]
How much loot is your single life worth?
What is the price tag to live on Earth?
What would you pay to live another day?
That's just the way some would say
Can you afford to have a child?
You're playing with your life when you're spending wild
Would you pay top dollar to live another year
Or leave it all behind for the folks you care for?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Seconds cost a dollar, minutes are forty five
Hours in the hundreds, going broke to survive
Struggle in this life, death is a release
From the price that you pay just to live it in peace
Free of disease, no worries of inflation
You got life right by the nuts, it's for the taking
Just a simple pain and it's over, no playing
Time is up, you're dead where you're staying, no delaying

[Verse 4 - Jamie Madrox:]
If I only had a dollar, only one to spend
Would I keep it for myself or would I split it with my friends
If I had a hundred dollars, then would I be rich?
Probably spend it on my bar, tailing just another bitch
If I had a million dollars would I still act the same?
Would it really buy me happiness and take it all away?
If life cost's money then I'ma never retire
Cause I plan on living forever like a vampire

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
How bout the breath, is that the cost?
Do I get back money for the time I lost?
Do I get a discount for when I'm sick?
Does it cost any less if my life ain't shit?
When you see a motherfucker that's old and heathly
You know that fool was living golden weathly
If I'm in a coma can I get a refund?
No, still I get hold and shunned

[Hook x2]

Villainous (feat. Abk) lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
Psychotically villainous as I'm killin' this shit
The very top of your head is where I'm drillin' this bitch
Drop in a straw, drink in and suck it all out
Your eyeballs sink in and fuckin' fall out
I got my own murder special on A&E
They got a big burly biker guy playin' me
A true cannibal crime boss with fat neck tats
I choke em all with one hand but their neck snaps

[Verze 2 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Say hello to the bad guy, bye to the sunlight
When the dust settles, one stands in the gunfight
Call me nefarious, diabolical and vicious
When you get home and your family is missing
Feelin' this, killin' this, for so many ways
Watch your blood spray then bodies lay, weeks not days
Scattered like leaves off trees, strewn about
Each one planted with a lotus cross in it's mouth

[Hook - Dark Lotus:]
Wicked, sinister
Horrible and more
Death is beating at your door
Unlock the villainous
Dark Lotus
Murder isn't for the foul
Take away your smile
The crows have watched you awhile
Unlock the villainous
Dark Lotus

[Verse 3 - Jamie Madrox:]
Yo, I'm Darth Vader without his lightsaber
I'm the Joker's laughing gas in the face of the Caped Crusader
Villainous, feelin' this, venomous like I'm Eddie Brock
On the building, locked and loaded as if I was Deadshot
The undertaker from the old school when he used to rock the tie
And tell everyone to rest in peace, wanting for them to die
The villain stroking his moustache
While the damsel's tied to the train track
And the train is soon approaching, there's only time left to laugh

[Verse 4 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
In the darkest back alleys, beneath the radar
Underneath the concrete in the cellar where the rats are
In the bowels of Earth, moving through the roots
Lies an underground network of villains, we living proof
And we takin' up under our wings misguided souls
Put together an army and headin' up, the pain grows
Riots, mayhem, I'm provoked, attackings
Villainous thoughts mixed with murderous actions


[Verse 5 - Monoxide:]
Gotta be goodbye for the last time (Murder, death, kill)
Everyday as they pass time and ever since...
Kept em gushing, I let em flatline
Had em all waitin' to baptize
Give a part of me, all the blood in my artery
Ain't no partially, hardily I'm bringing it
Dropping like it's a prophecy and it's hard to be anything less
And I'm villainous like a hundred knives in the chest of innocence

[Verse 6 - Anybody Killa:]
Villainous, I'm unlockin' on all the ego
One's watchin' and plottin' for the return
New Machiavellian is walking
I'm coming and shunning bones
Who wish I never were rose
And willin' to put to killin', so villainous, no control
Society is just too easy, when need it you must believe it
Put all the pain that I have into my gun and release it
I'm just a killa killin', wicked, in the lotus I stand
And going villainous on everyone who says that I can't


45 Minutes lyrics - Dark Lotus

45 minutes
He hung there alive
For 45 minutes
And then he died

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
The preacher gave his sermon
Told folks to kill that vermin
Trap door dropped open, the rope snapped tight
But still he up there squirmin'
Alive, hangin' in the heat
Hear him gaspin', kick his feet
Mortified people screamin' in fright
But the little kids think it’s sweet

[Verse 2 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Hey yo, the executioner, send em to Lucifer
Appear with the cross, call me the crucifer
Trip the damn door, body parts kickin'
And dangles, the strand around the neck as he, he strangles
The crowd grows, anticipation soars
Thirsty for death and they wanna see more
Cheers to their throne, time lingers on
Sadistically watchin', kickin' dirt till he’s gone

Sweet Lord Jesus, please take his life
(15 minutes)
This endless torture
(He’s swingin' and swingin')
Dark clouds above us (Blue is the sky)
(30 minutes)
I know you see us
(He’s swingin' and swingin')
When will this end? (This horror show)
(45 minutes)
His feet are kickin', he’s swingin'

[Verse 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Sun beats on his hood
The knot is tightened good
His arms are tied up behind his back
Shit, kill him, someone should
His neck is strechin' longer
The rope is that much stronger
His body sways in a gentle breeze
The sight is somethin' somber

[Verse 4 - Monoxide:]
His feet dangle and his throat gets tangled
With a rope that strangles every bit of breath that’s left
Outta his body until nothing’s left
And I gotta be honest, I feel it in my chest
I'mma witness with a sickness
Who love’s to watch em hang from a distance
Victim swingin' until they’re all witless
45 minutes, at least someone end this

What kept him alive?
(15 minutes)
For all those growing minutes
(He’s swingin' and swingin')
The people did nothin' but stare
(Blue is the sky) (30 minutes)
Fixated on his torture
(He’s swingin' and swingin')
(When will this end?)
They had all the time in the world
(45 minutes)
To wait for him to die
(He’s swingin')

[Verse 5 - Jamie Madrox:]
Turnin' green like fix me
Lookin' hella trippy
15, less than a full whole 60 minutes of life
With silence of sight
Will 2 wrongs combine together in an effort to make things right?
Why are there signs of crime soaked in violence
Everyone stands still like a bunch of stone giants
Lookin' down on him as he swings and sway
He will not die until the motherfuckers all go away

[Verse 6 - Violent J:]
He swings, jerks, a vulture nearby lurks
As he spins up on that rope, we wonder if it hurts
Hear him gasp for breath, his soul is fighting death
If he gives up and let’s go, show’s over, nothing’s left


Coagulate lyrics - Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Monoxide:]
Stomp your fear in on the painted blood
Now your dreams are what the creatures love
I know it seems I got a demon's lung
My mind is really where all the screaming's from
I don't care if you believe my tongue
You've been warned, you better tell someone
We don't leave until you're just as dumb
And we don't rest until the rest is one
And I bring the darkness with a crew so heartless
Don't matter if you're homeless and not lookin' to start shit
Everybody walking on two feet and breathin' my air is a target
I could really give a motherfuckin' less regardless
Ain't nothing you can do when the Lotus is back
When you lest this'll be the darkest

[Verse 2 - Violent J:]
If time was alive would you try to make it your bitch?
Would you speed it up or slow it down with punches or kicks?
Try to control it's power, say when it dongs and ticks
Or would you stop and try to rewind it and learn all it's tricks?
Well you're just wasting your time, nobody controls it's pace
Bitch if you stare at the mirror age will creep over your face
Warm blood will coagulate the same way as we vanished
Even new born cuties will all get old and be banished

[Hook - Jamie Madrox (x2):]
Watch as you fall from the sky
(Blood, blood, blood)
See it solidify
(Blood, blood, blood)
The only thing that can purify is
(Blood, blood, blood)
So tell me who's here to die for (blood)
Who's here to die for my (blood)

[Verse 3 - Jamie Madrox:]
Vast pools of blood, blood
Bitches I be swimmin', swimmin'
Voices in my head, crazy eyes, see me grinnin'
Lookin' at the person in the mirror lookin' back, back
Covered in blood, heart attack
Covered in blood, grab the gat
Put it to my temple but I don't pull the trigger cause I ain't ready to shoot myself in the head
Realizing I'm a ghost and I'm watching the blood coagulate around my body cause I'm already dead
Blood, hole, dark, petal
Lotus flower, bitter, sour
Blood, power, take focus
Take focus, Dark Lotus

[Verse 4 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Blood seeds are the ones that pose
Clock tickin' [?] on youth
Coagulate, five petal Lotus and I'm peekin' at truth
Back in the news with nothing to lose and much to gain
Ride together deep in your veins
Red out the open artery, in the blood print we remain
Embedded, so dead and know the bullshit
That you're spreadin' is quite irrelevant
Like tryin' to a pornstar celibate
And it all depends on who get it in
Born again christians on our missions
Time to bear witness, Lotus sickness
Infectin' the [?], calls on their missions
Pray for forgiveness, way out the business


[Verse 5 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
I was baptized in a pool of blood
My vision been red, can't depend
I'm a grown man, now my mind in the flood
Mama said I have lost my sense
They're aware that I'm mad, all I hear in my head
Is the beat of a heart, I gotta make it quit
So I got me a knife and I stabbed a fool dead
It's just another life and to me it ain't shit
Couple of minutes of peace, finally
Put all of this bullshit behind me
I wish it was just that simple but it ain't
Cause I'm still just a Juggalo rockin' this paint
And fuck what you said and fuck what you heard
And fuck apologies, too little too late
So I take my fuckin' hatchet
And split your fuckin' head
And watch your blood coagulate

[Verse 6 - Violent J:]
Dark Lotus will explode us and then corrode this
The souls from beyond the sun are the ones who verbode us
As was told to who moved on the lost son of osmosis
So plant your seeds in that dirty mud cause hell's be the grossest
So don't be scared to water them with blood, the stems will grow fast
The great knowledge of the future comes from knowing your past
The five petals of the pod come from the God you trust
Is it odd this is forever Dark Lotus

The Drought lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Look to the sky, ask
Why the sun is gone?
Why we grow strong?
Why you steady wilted on?
Where's all the dust from?
Is it where the demon's long?
Is this the hell, the Bible wants will come?
The end for some
The Lotus never pass or fade
Grow in shade or light
Climates always right
Never ever is an end in sight
I know your thirsty
Droughts done, you're dirty
Corroded you eternally, and with the dust you blow away

[Verse 2 - Jamie Madrox:]
No sun needed
No water needed, repeated, no water needed
The sea deeded moonlight, just to feed it
It blooms, blossoms, and flourishes, possible to encourage
Depressed, and discouraged, under moon rays they the purest
In a drought, I'm all about keepin' a consistent love flowin'
Mixed with the ultra violet rays, these pots, they keep growin'
I don't need a moment, these crosses are the face, repel opponents
And reflect like a mirror, showin' true power
Now don' it

[Hook - Jamie Madrox (x2):]
We don't wanna [x2]
Bring the drought
We don't wanna [x2]
Let them down
Lotus moves me, moonlight shines through

[Verse 3 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
For all, amen, the sun's comin' up
Which means the game's over, sayonara, outta luck, fuck
My skin's dryin' up
And starts to crack, ribs stickin' out my skin
Bones pokin' out my back
I'm steady losin' my vision, cause my eyes is sinkin'
Teeth fallin' out one by one, body rotten, stinkin'
Bones poppin' out they sockets, as I crawl to my tomb
The daylight's killin me', rejuvenate with the next move

[Verse 4 - Violent J:]
The sun beats on us for months
The once nourishing stem's are withered down in the stumps
Leaves crack, like a vampire's pale flesh
Tell me why the fuck are the God's being so selfish?
Time moves slower than a slug across a hot rock
You hear the tick, but an hour passed before the tock
In this drought, all my seeds can do is pout
Thank God it don't take rain, for a real lotus to sprout


[Verse 5 - Monoxide:]
I feel so dry today
It's a one to cry for me
Feelin' like I might die, put a DL up high
Let the Black rain all come falling down on me
My garden's wilted souls, some heartless, some emotional
But I hope you know that I get to grow
In front of moonlight, others individuals
Fuck residuals, I don't need a God damn penny if my life ain't felt
Just too many that could use my help
That's all that matters, nothin' else
Not the stores, not the shelves
Not the women, not the wealth
Can't ever change the drought I'm dealt
So sometimes, I cry for myself


Let It Rain lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Verse 1 - Violent J:]
Mud, Water, and finally Air
Three stages of the Lotus til' you'll notice we there
The heat from the sun, vanished life into dust
Rain clouds in the sky above us, why don't you bust?
Let it rain cool waters over fields, so bland
Drain down, fillin' up ponds, and the land
Lotus flowers, float upon the waters you give
Come and nourish our souls, we need your gift to live

[Verse 2 - Monoxide:]
I sit by the window pane
Waiting for the wind to rain
When will it fall down again?
Make me strong inside and well
Hateful comes along, and I hear the words of this song
And everybody sings along, cause the rain is makin' us strong
And even when it's gone, I can feel it rainin' on me
So let this song be the proof, that the rain is just what we need

[Hook - Dark Lotus (x2):]
For All
For all of those trying to grow
Let the rain come down [x2]
And then for, those drying in the heat of the sun
Let it rain, let it pour, how bout' a rainstorm [x2]

[Verse 3 - Violent J:]
The winds from the Heavens guide my sail
The rain colors my pedals, without it I'm pale
Faith in the mud, the stem to the bud
Flowers need rain, to them it's like blood
Without water drops, everything stops
Death to the crops, eco system flops
Therefore, let the winds blow the grey clouds in
Sound of thunder
Let the rain begin [x5]

[Verse 3 - Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
Let it flow, like the river Jordan
Baptized and renewed in the rain
Like the son and men in John's hands
Bow your head, bow the other Lotus grant
The hope is rain, it's the same roots, deep down, ingrained
Winds on the plains, single change in the sky
From the clouds that form, in the night way up high
Let it rain down, let it saturate the ground
With the gift that brings life to everything around

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4 - Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Let it rain on the life, in the ponds, so vibrant
With exception to the rain, the night so silent
It's an easy storm, let the Lotus flourish
Rain drops on it's pedals, the food to nourish
When the skies and the land below get along
It's colors are bright and it's stem is strong
Let it rain in the woods, let it rain in town, in the driest deserts
Let the rain come down [x5]

[Verse 5 - Jamie Madrox:]
Rain clouds are cryin', drops in a bloom of tears
No umbrellas are needed here, waitin' waste deep
And water was corrosion from a drought
As they withered, waitin' in fear
The first crack of thunder, the lightning appeared clear
Was a sign from the Heavens, more rain would soon be near
Uncontrollable thirst, eyes affixed to the sky
As we wait for the magical rain that'll heal and bring light
Rejunvenatin' through the night, makin' everything right


album: "The Opaque Brotherhood" (2008)

In Bloom lyrics - Dark Lotus

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
We in bloom, many thoughts rearranging
pollen's everywhere, that's the reason that we're changing
Flourish in the rise of the new times
Taking lives, nobody survives
You got your hatchet, throw it in the sky
Five pedals appear right before your eyes
So don't get attatched to your head on your neck
Cause I'll disconnect, Dark Lotus in effect

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Rise out the water for the first worst nightmare
Lotus pedals bloom and take shapes off in the night air
Here we got the wicked to share and didn't nobody care
Til they see the shadow creeping, now they all scared
Gone but not forgotten, in the dark they leave us rotting
With the crosses on our face that's the symbol of the doubt rhyming
Dark Lotus return, the reason is the word
The season for the sheperd is now to lead the herd

This is the returning, everything you tried to bury
In between the patch of roses makes the Lotus rise, Lotus rise
Winds of deadly ages makes the blood drip down the pages
And between the dying roses makes the Lotus rise, Lotus rise

[Violent J]
Flourishing underneath the rays of the moon
The winds have changed about the rains that bloom
The five diciples of the Lotus Cross rise up from the swamp seed, weed, and moss
The time has come, our return is evident
Straight outta Hell's hole or Heaven-sent
We in bloom, the haunting of the flower
Throw your DL's high and feel power

Metamorphosise for most change
I survive in the dark with no rain
Chemical imbalance embedded inside of my brain
And all I can think of is how I continue to strain
I'm a descendant to pass on, hoping to latch on
And pollenate anything with a mask on
A black rose is the sign of your death
But the sight of the Lotus brings death to the rest


Lotus rise
Deserts are freezing, so we know that it's time
Lotus rise
The hills are burning, so we know that it's time
Lotus rise
The water's rising, so we know that it's time
Lotus rise
The crops are dying, so we know that it's time
Lotus rise

[Jamie Madrox]
Coming up through the ground like a corpse
But I'm not a corpse, of course, I'm a Lotus in full bloom
Pedals made up of botics that shoot through the dirt
To regenerate in sunlight and flourish to bring doom
Upon the suspected affection it grows slow
In the depths of stagnant water down below
Somewhere where the lights don't shine at all
We await in a watery tomb for them to call